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Preksha Meditation - Relaunch 4
Starts on Feb 01,2019 (14 weeks long)  

About the Course

nstructors:   Sadhvi Samata Prabha Ji,        Samani Vinay Pragya Ji   

Preksha Meditation is one of the popular meditation techniques of Jainism. This was re-discovered by Acharya Mahaprajnaji. This technique is based on seeing oneself. Preksha Meditation can play vital role in integrated development of personality by improving physical, mental and emotional health.

This course covers the following:

·                 Introduction to Preksha Meditation

o         Pre historical development of Meditation

o         Preksha Meditation: A path to Self- Realization

o          Upsampada: Guiding principles of PM

o         Preparing for Meditation (Asan, Mudra, Dhvani)

·                 Techniques of Preksha Meditation

o         A Roadmap to relaxing & uplifting the Energy  -  a) Kayotsarg   b) Antaryatra

o         Shvas Preksha: Breathe Long, Live Long

o         A call to Action (Practical session: Kayotsarg and Initial 4 steps of PM)

o         Sharir Preksha: Channelizing the vital energy

o         Chaitanya Kendra Preksha: Awaken your consciousness

o         Leshya Dhyan: Purify your Aura

o         Contemplation: The power of Auto-suggestion 

·                 Transform your personality through Preksha Meditation

o         Health is Happiness (Physical Health)

o         Yogasan Why & How? (Practical session)

o         Train Your Brain (Mental Health)

o         Heal yourself from Inside Out (Emotional Health)

o         Preksha Therapy: Solution to burning problems (Psycho-somatic diseases: cure through PM)